Rent out your gear

Camera rental Karachi aims to be the first of its kind as a peer to peer rental service.

With the rising costs of equipment and- scarcity of imports and rising costs in pasktian make getting access to the gear we require next to impossible or just downright expensive.

In Karachi, we have some of the coolest gear, and to test this out i ask you guys the artists the gearheads come together and we can work to democratize the gear and build a community of like-minded neighbors.

The backend rental platform developed allows for real-time availability and booking i am not a web developer and have been trying to build this as the master website but that was next to impossible and over the process of 1 year and testing and building a great backend to handle this

, I am now at stage 2 where i ask you guys what gear do you have?

Each renter and Rentee will be vetteted and verified ( think  free membership with reward points lets keep this artists only for now ) 

Drop a email at with gear info and I will get in contact with you 🙂 

List your gear

Tell us what gear you have and we will be in touch